Skin and Bones : Curated by Michael Lichter

An often overlooked treat at the Buffalo Chip is a curated bike show and art gallery. This year’s theme would be Tattoo Inspired Motorcycles and Art at the Buffalo Chip’s Russ Brown Events Center.


The bikes were amazing.


It’s great to visit between shows in the evening. In the day it gets pretty hot. But nearly always the place is practically empty.








Indain Larry’s shop had a bike here.



I saw this bike below at the International Motorcycle Show in NYC last December.




Darren McKeag’s artwork can be seen behind this outrageous chopper.


I showed you a shot of Darren and his lady riding downtown in my previous post. His use of One Shot paint on objects are my favorites of his works.


Many of the artists did a design on the Biltwell Gringo helmet. I wear the Biltwell Bonanza which is the open face version. I have a big chin. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better suited to wear a Gringo.


I bought one of McKeag’s screened posters and a T-shirt a few months back, so it was a nice surprise to see his work here.



Darren has painted amazing designs on everything from surfboards to toilet bowls.


McKeag was with good company in this gallery.

This painting by A.D. Cook was cool. It depicts a girl washing a bike in the chrome’s reflective surface.


George “The Painter” Frizzel did this painting of the late Richie “Pan” Panerra. I discovered George “The Painter” a few years ago. He was showing his work on the upper levels of the old Broken Spoke.


Sadly Richie was killed last year. After a life of riding and doing remarkable paintings of motorcycle culture and tattoo art, Richie Pan and his buddy Nap were struck by a car while on foot.

Here is some of Richie Pan’s artwork.









Besides showing a nice collection of Richie Pan’s artwork,  prominently displayed in the center of the gallery was his lonely panhead.



Here is a list of all involved*from the Buffalo Chip website


Motorcycles As Art curator Michael Lichter strives to include new talent and builders in the exhibition each year in order to keep the show relevant. In 2016 more than half of the builders exhibiting their work will be doing so for the first time.

Aki Sakamoto, Hog Killers, Hawaiian Gardens, CA
Andrea Radaelli*, Radikal Chopper, Milano, Italy
Bill Dodge, Blings Cycles, Daytona Beach, FL
Bobby Seeger*, Indian Larry Motorcycles, Brooklyn, NY
Bryan Fuller, Fuller Moto, Atlanta, GA
Chris Callen*, Cycle Source Magazine, Pittsburgh, PA
Chris Eder*, Misfit Industries, Addison, TX
Dalton Walker, Split Image Kustoms, Hanford, CA
Dan “Bacon” Carr, DC Choppers, Spicewood, TX
Eddie Trotta – Thunder Cycle, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Eric Allard*, FNA Custom Cycles, Lakeland, FL
George Stinsman*, Chaos Cycle, Mastic, NY
Jeff Cochran, Speedking Racing, West Harrison, IN
Jeff Holt*, Hot Bike Magazine, Orange County, CA
Kevin Dunworth, Loaded Gun Customs, Selbyville, DE
Nick Beaulieu*, Forever Two Wheels, Windham, ME
Ola Stenegard, Ronny and Benny Norén, Sebastian Gutsch, BMW Motorrad, Munich, Germany
Pat Patterson, Led Sled, Daytona, OH
Paul Yaffe, Paul Yaffe Originals, Phoenix, AZ
Richie Pan*, DST, Jackson, NJ
Rick Fairless, Strokers, Dallas, TX
Roadside Marty Davis,  Flat Broke Chops and Rods, FL
Roland Sands, RSD, Los Alamitos, CA
Shaun and Aaron Gaurdado*, Suicide Machine Company, Long Beach, CA
Steve Peffer*, Steel City Choppers, Butler, PA
Taber Nash*, Nash Motorcycle Company, Long Beach, CA
Teach Kevin Baas, Baas Metal Craft, Lakeville, MN
Trent Schara*, Atomic Forge, WY
Trevelen Rabaual*, Superco, Los Angeles, CA
Uwe Ehinger*, Hamburg, GERMANY
Will Ramsay, Faith Forgotten, New Albany, IN
Yuichi Yoshizawa*, Custom Works Zon, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

* First time in the exhibition


Richie Pan

More than 50 pieces of art by Richie Pan will be displayed in his memory.

Other Artists Include:

AD Cook

Darren McKeag

George the Painter

Latricia “Trish” Horstman

Mario Burkhardt

Michael Lichter

Nik Pew

Tay Herrera

Timothy White



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