October and November 2016

I like to get at least one post a month on here, but man I’ve been busy. Besides teaching art to students with special needs for the last 25 years, I have been taking graduate classes in order to get a salary bump. It ain’t easy going back to school when you are over 50. But there you have it and here I am. One of the classes I took recently dealt with the art of the streets. This is the art I see on a daily basis riding around in NYC like this mural below by Tristan Eaton on Mulberry Street.


I have talked about and promoted numerous motorcycle artists on this blog. Artists like Darren McKeag, David Uhl, Danial James, George Frizzell and the late Richie Pan have been really influential for me these past few years. And being able to meet some of them or see their work during my travels has been a pleasure. Recently I have made a few art purchases. I have a print and a helmet (which I cherish) by McKeag. And I am still awaiting a print from George Frizzell. C’mon George!

Anyway! While studying for this course about street art, I went to some of the direct sources instead of just sitting on my ass and doing internet research. My first journey was a quest for 2 artists. 3 artists actually, being that Os Gemeos is the work of twin brothers, Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo. Os Gemeos actually means twins in Portuguese, the brother’s native language in Brazil. Below is a huge mural by the brothers on 2nd Avenue.



Os Gemeos are a prolific team. Their body of work is tremendous for young artists just over 40. While continuing downtown, I was actually looking for a mural by the artist CRASH when I found another Os Gemeos piece. The work on the right is theirs. The figures beneath the eyeballs are by André, a Swedish artist. Someone else pasted the eyes on top. There is also a fantastic Os Gemeos show at a gallery in Soho. I’ll show you later.



During my continued quest for CRASH, I had to pose with POSE on Lafayette Street.



One last stop at the Buff Monster and I will get as close to a CRASH on my motorcycle as I care to.


Just around the corner on Broome Street is this recent mural by CRASH. It’s a collaborative piece between CRASH and some other artists.


There is another CRASH collaboration nearby on Bleeker Street near the old CBGB’s. When it comes to street artists, CRASH is special because he dates back to the glory days of subway art. If you are interested you can read an illustrated report I did about CRASH for the class I mentioned.


It was a nice day, so I rode around LES (Lower East Side) a bit. On Avenue C is the entire alphabet wrapping around a building to E12th Street done by the group Green Villian based out of Jersey City.


Parked across the street was this awesome van done by Big Doves. Art in NYC is everywhere!


I got inspired to pick up the paintbrush myself and have a go at it.


It felt good to paint again, but my quest for finding quality street art was not over. In Queens, there is a small L-shaped street called Wellington Court. For years world-renowned street artists have been decorating the walls of this area with magnificent pieces.




I hadn’t realized until I arrived that CRASH had a piece here with his old partner DAZE!


The whole neighborhood is filled with great work.




Estaban Del Valle and Fumero (below respectively) both had work whitewashed from the walls of 5 Pointz.




This canine below is by Eelco.


I like Kid Lew’s work (below).



Ramiro Studios does great work.


Rubin 415


Sinned NYC is the work of Dennis Bauser.


I think Too Fly may have been whitewashed at 5 Pointz as well.


I have recently seen City Kitty about town. Very cool paste-ups.


Ellis Gallagher sprays these Scharf like characters, but he also does these great shadow outlines around bicycles and objects in NYC.




Brian Life does some wicked work.



Python, Meres, Marthalicea & Panic blasted a bit of social commentary with this collaborative piece called Original Gentrification. The left half was behind a truck.


These talking lightbulbs are the brainchild of Meres. Meres once ran the graffiti collaborative at the famous 5 Pointz in Long Island City before the building was whitewashed and demolished. I bumped into Meres on 4th Street the other day at 212ARTS, a great graffiti art gallery.


Below is the collaborative work of Chris RWK and Veng of Robots Will Kill.


Here is a portrait of Veng. Besides doing street art, Veng paints birds as Herb Smith.


Here is a self portrait of Chris RWK. Chris has been doing daily drawings lately that often pack an emotional or social statement in with one of his iconic characters. Check him out on Instagram.


Chris RWK has another piece around the corner.


And soon Chris RWK will have a piece in my living room. I recently went to a show at the Fillin Global gallery where graffiti artists designed skateboards and I bought the one Chris designed. Since Chris RWK included a wall painting next to the board, I told them they can keep it up until the show comes down.


And with the continued inspiration, this is how that painting I was doing is coming along.


Earlier I said I would show you the OS Gemeos show. Funny thing is, before while looking for a CRASH mural I found Os Gemeos. This time I was looking for a gallery with an Os Gemeos show and found a CRASH show at JoAnne Artman Gallery.



To give it some scale, here’s a selfie.





Right down the street from the CRASH show was OS Gemeos at Lehmann Maupin Gallery.


These twin brothers are remarkable. They created numerous ethereal environments within the gallery.


Each room brings a new feeling and dazzles the senses with color, movement and music.



Some pieces captured the old days of subway art and break dancing to old school hip hop.


On the passing train in the painting below is an homage to LEE and FUTURA (pioneer graffiti artists of 80’s subway art).




I hope you enjoyed a little local flavor from the NYC street scene.

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