Bushwick Collective 2016

Today temperatures were holding at about 50, so I’m keeping to the street art theme and taking a ride to Brooklyn. I crossed the Williamsburg Bridge and headed toward Bushwick. Along Metropolitan Avenue I spotted some old work of an artist I know. That bunny is the work of Adam Dare. I have a small painting of his on my living room wall. He just got hitched, so Congrats Adam!


After turning off Metropolitan onto Varick things get pretty industrial. I passed this monstrosity built to keep the salt dry. It’s a surreal site to see in the city.


I was looking for a particular neighborhood but I overshot it. On the way, I saw a nice piece by Buff Monster.


After taking the scenic route I doubled back to the Bushwick Collective. The Bushwick Collective is an artist community as well as an outdoor art gallery of incredible street art. Troutman Street and the surrounding area have buildings with wicked walls painted top to bottom.


If you were to look up from the etched letters in the sidewalk just above my tank, you would see this piece by Wellington Naberezny Sipros.


Further down Troutman the same artist painted Albert Einstein. He painted a Salvador Dali in my hood.


Don Rimx does beautiful murals as well.



Corner of Troutman and Wykoff.


On the opposite corner is this large mural by D*FACE.


This one extends to the sidewalk.




This wall of faces is the work of Phetus.


Brooklyn artist Beau Stanton painted this. This is a small cropping of a long wall painting. His work is off the charts cool. Recently he is working on mind blowing mosaics. Check it out!




Lola Blu.


Love Notes NYC.


On my way out of the Troutman Street area this 54 Chevy pulled up. Sweet.



I rode around a little more on the other side of Flushing Avenue where I discovered another Giz mural at the end of Stewart Avenue.


Around the corner on Randolph Street was this piece by Meres.


This Nychos mural is right down the street.


Turn the corner again and you’ll find Joey Ramone by Space Invader.


As I headed home I took the Williamsburg Bridge back into Manhattan. My gas light came on right before getting on the bridge. I should have quite a few miles to go once that light pops on but something is wrong. I hung a right on Norfolk and saw this Kenny Scharf piece. I ran out of gas about 6 blocks later.


Next week is the International Motorcycle Show at the Javitz Center. Doug Danger is supposed to be there promoting Mustang seats.


4 Responses to “Bushwick Collective 2016”

  1. Pat Barnes Says:

    Amazing work. Thanks for sharing. Did you find out what was wrong with Bonnies lo gas light? I tend to rely on it, too!

  2. Jesse McKay Says:

    Fantastic art ride/shoot! Good to see youre still riding in decemberrrr

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