Winter 2017

Winter. Never a great time for riding in the Northeast.

As a result, I haven’t had much to say lately. It’s not that nothing has happened, it’s just been slow.

The International Motorcycle Show came and went.

There really wasn’t anything exciting or different this year. I have to say, I like my insurance company. Progressive has taken care of me on a couple occasions where I had an accident. But at the bike show, the advertising is a bit over top. Speaking of over the top, I did enjoy this stunt show.

I had often heard the stunts shows going on in the background at previous events, but this was the first time I went over to have a look. The low ceiling made it exciting. As they got farther away from the floor they increasingly got closer to the ceiling. Pretty cool!

A clean shaven Makoto Endo was there again making his chopstick paintings.

Sometimes there will be some great vintage bikes or something new from one of the dealers that really gets me. But with few exceptions, this year was rather dull.

I was hoping Triumph would show off their new bobber this year but they were absent as they have been a few times in the past. The guys from the Manhattan Triumph dealer were there but they were promoting their Ducati line.

The International Motorcycle Show takes place in the Javits Center.

The Governor was talking recently about expanding this place, so who knows what it will look like in the future.

I guess the planned change is to keep up with its surroundings. Next to the convention center is Hudson Yards. There are monstrous plans to develop this area into a city within the city. They’ve already extended the subway to get here.

Below is how it should look upon completion.  The Javits Center is the short wide building just above the big pier. The surrounding buildings are in the process of being built. The pier itself is the car pound. So if you ever visit this city and can’t find your car where you left it, check with these guys before reporting it stolen.

That line of green winding around the building to the right of the pier is the Highline. The Highline is an old elevated train line that has been converted into a park. The Northernmost entrance is just across the street from Javits Center. Since it was way too cold to ride on this day, I took a walk on the Highline on my way home. I used to play on these railroad tracks when I was a kid. Back then there were no ramps, stairs, or elevators to take you there as there are now. We had to get into a building called Westbeth, go up to the 4th floor roof, then repel down a rope to get to the tracks. Good times.

Nowadays, the Highline is all cleaned up with wooden and cement walkways taking you from 34th Street across from the Javits Center all the way down to Gansevoort Street some twenty plus blocks to the south where it exits before the new Whitney Museum in the heart of the old meat market. Along the way are spectacular views and public artwork.

This strange looking camera periscoped from the dead winter grasses to surveil the area. One is accustomed to being on camera when you live in the city. Maybe everywhere! It must be tough for kids to get away with good ‘ol Tom and Huck mischieve these days! They are always being watched. I am not sure if this camera above was for art sake or security.

Back to motorcycle related stuff. I had been waiting for a work of art I purchased soon after Sturgis this Summer. This year at the Buffalo Chip’s annual Motorcycles as Art show was a tribute to Richie Pan. As part of the show there was this painting by George “The Painter” Frizzell.

Once I got home from my trip I saw that George was selling prints of this painting. I got in touch with George and ordered one. Then I waited. And waited. After a while, I saw George was selling an unfinished painting of a Knucklehead engine. I liked it! So instead of waiting for the print, I saw an opportunity to own an original! I got in touch with George and we considered the price of the print as the downpayment and I could send him the difference for the Knucklehead. Yes! Then I waited. And waited. After speaking to George I wasn’t worried, it would get here when it gets here.

Christmas came and went.

Then finally, wrapped in bubble wrap within a collage of boxes from various consumer goods, the painting was delivered. It now hangs on my mantle between the Darren McKeag helmet and a Triumph gas tank. I already had an old wooden frame that fit the painting perfectly. Below the newly hung painting is a smaller Knucklehead engine I painted.

I have admired George Frizzel’s work since I first saw his paintings at a show in the old Broken Spoke Saloon back in 2011. Below is a self portrait of George riding his bike Leaky. I am very psyched to have an original painting by Mr. Frizzell.

Riding for me has been brief and intermittent. At times that was due to the weather. But to be honest, the bike needs work. Like me, it’s getting older and is need of maintenance. We both need a check up. But I have gotten out for a few rides.

I zipped over to Brooklyn one day.

I hopped up on the sidewalk for this shot in front of the RWK piece.

I recently picked up a work of art I bought, designed by one of the artists from the collaboration piece above. Chris RWK  designed this skateboard.

I continued riding around the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.

I stopped to get a bite to eat at his little cafe on 15th Street. It’s called the Lot Radio at 17 Nassau Ave right down the street from Indian Larry’s shop. It’s actually an independent online radio station live streaming 24/7 from a reclaimed shipping container on an empty lot in NYC. But beside the radio station it’s a decent cafe and will soon be serving beer and wine.

I zipped back home from Brooklyn. One of my cables beneath my fly screen started screaming like a steam whistle. It seam to happen periodically. Like I said we need a check up.

I took a short ride yesterday. Bonnie is riding pretty good, but those heads haven’t been cracked open in a while and there are other minor fixes to be done before I’d feel comfortable taking her for a long ride. Soon she’ll be in the shop before the great weather is upon us. Other than that it has been a quiet winter. I did meet Roger Waters one evening. It has nothing to do with motorcycles but it sure was cool!



2 Responses to “Winter 2017”

  1. Pat Barnes Says:

    Healed enough to ride Bonnie for a short time yesterday. Sent you a message on FB about the broken footpeg syndrome. Hope you get back on the road soon. Still in PT for a couple of weeks. Still can ride a little, though. Sorry about losing my cousin/ your uncle.

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