Here’s the story…

I haven’t posted a thing for quite some time. A guy I met at Tail of the Dragon many years ago left a comment today asking if I was OK. Yes I’m OK. Thanks for asking Terry.

Sometimes life gets the better of you and you neglect to take the time to spend on things you enjoy. That has been true of my riding this season. I’ve been out and about in the city now and then, but the truth is Bonnie is getting old. She is 10 miles from 82,000 on the odometer.

This Spring I took the bike to a shop in Brooklyn that I had never been to before. Brooklyn Moto is a small shop in Williamsburg that specializes in newer Triumphs and Ducati’s. It’s a cool shop. Good people and a hairless cat.

Then a short ride around Queens.

Keeping things local, I visited a few spots in Queens to check out some street art. Above is Robots Will Kill’s new mural at Welling Court.  I posted something about Welling Court last year, but the murals change annually.


A building on the corner of 43rd Avenue and 21st Street has been covered recently by street artists. It is reminiscent of 5 Pointz which used to be located about a half mile away. 5 Pointz was a mecca for artists from around the world.

This new location is completely covered on 3 sides.

Aside from a few rides now and again and riding to work occasionally I just haven’t been on the bike much. But I usually keep a camera in my pocket and snap a shot when I see something interesting. The dude on the right has that fire extinguisher handy.

I went to Florida in April for a week. Saw a few cool things.

They have an area in Miami called Wynwood Walls. It is covered for blocks with awesome art and graffiti.

A gallery in Wynwood Walls had a bike painted by CRASH.

Besides the art and bikes there was a cool car show in Deerfield Beach.

Seeing these vintage beauties with a backdrop of palm trees and the ocean was a real treat.

The guy who owns this station wagon also has a cool bar in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s called the 4:30 Boardroom Bar. They don’t have a website, but you can witness some of the antics that go on there if you click the link. They have car shows every Saturday and monthly bike shows in the parking lot outside. It’s a fun place! I recommend it!

After a quick week in Florida, it was back to work.

My favorite band from Sturgis came to NYC. Mothership rocks!!!

I’ve seen these guys numerous times at Sturgis. Mothership is a Texas-based rock n roll band with a solid sound like Sabbath. These two below are brothers, Kelley and Kyle. Along with their drummer Judge, they blast out the heavy sound.

It was a tough work year and this year it would be followed by teaching summer school as well. In fact, I will probably be teaching summer school for the next three years. That is a difficult thing to accept considering the many epic adventures I will have to postpone for another day. A couple Sturgis buddies got in touch recently. One before the rally to see if I was coming and another called after the rally to see how I was cause he didn’t see me there. Gonna miss that place.

When summer school was over I was able to take a trip overseas. I went to Paris and London.

I thought I would rent a bike while I was over there, but I was visiting my dad and ended up spending a lot of time with him.

I often get strange looks while I am crouching over a puddle taking this type of picture. A homeless guy grunted, growled and yelled at me in French as I took the picture above. And after taking the photo below, I was briskly escorted beyond the gates of Parliament by cops armed with machine guns. They were calm but curious about what I was up to. After taking my camera and having a look, the head cop smiled and said, “Well that’s clever, isn’t it. Carry on.”

This spot below is the location for Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues video.

After a weekend in London, it was back to Paris.

And after Paris, it was back to work.

With my bike nearing retirement, I am seriously considering getting the new Bonneville T120. Or maybe something vintage since I won’t have time for extended journeys for a while.

Hmmm. Just a thought.

12 Responses to “Here’s the story…”

  1. jessemckay82 Says:

    Now that I am all caught up… that knucklehead painting you did is pretty great! Also the mothership photos with motion blur are pretty great as well. Too bad about your bonnie. Guess at that many miles she has served a purpose and carried you many amazing miles. The new t120s are nice, I’ve been looking at the street twins myself. Still looking forward to putting down some miles with you one day.

  2. Patrick T. Barnes Says:

    My son and I rode to Ft Davis in West Texas over Thanksgiving week. ABSOLUTELY perfect riding weather the whole time! Bonnie was flawless. 80-90 on US 90 from Del Rio to Alpine and beyond.

  3. Clever pics indeed!…
    Now I’m on my way to check out the T120, just to see what it looks like! Hope all is well with you. See you soon in Paris!

  4. Thanks for the update. T120. Yes!

  5. Jack Rasmussen Says:

    It is nice to hear from you again, I keep looking in the campground every year for you.

  6. Brad Albaugh Says:

    Awesome update! I really enjoyed the street art and hearing what you’ve been up to. Sorry to hear about Bonnie…now I’m off to look for videos of Mothership…

  7. Patrick Barnes Says:

    Sad reading about Bonnie’s problems and the end of an era for you. But possibly the beginning of a new one. 82K in nothing to sneeze at though. Your travels and reasonably trouble-free touring are what convinced me that it was OK to buy a used Triumph in 2014 my wife passed away and my son told me to get a bike. I just rolled 30K so I have along way to go. Keep riding

    • Thanks cuz! I have no regrets and am really pleased if I have helped you and others along the way. I spoke to a guy yesterday with a brand new Bonnie. He rode a Harley Sportster and swore by it until he got his T100. Now he can’t say enough good things about the Triumph. I am pretty sure that the T120 will be at my side fairly soon. I just wish I had a place to keep my old bike regardless of her condition.

      • Patrick Barnes Says:

        Glad you will stick with Triumph. Just did an oil change and rear brake pads at 30K. Off to Austin and my son(VStrom) this weekend. Harvey waylaid me weeks ago! Getting to be good riding weather.

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