We’re Back!

Hello! It has been a while!

Reason being…I had to say goodbye to my 2009 T100.

After over 82,000 intense joy filled miles through 48 states, this green beauty retired.

I traded her in for the new 2018 Triumph Bonneville T120! I would have loved to keep her. If I had a house with a place to put her, I would have kept her. But for now, I am a city guy. Living in NYC makes having two bikes impossible. I tried finding a cheap storage space outside the city where I could keep her, but it just wasn’t practical. I’m going to miss that bike.

In retrospect, this blog is a massive tribute to the great adventures my T100 provided. It is phenomenal how reliable that bike was for a solo rider throughout the United States. It will be fun to reflect and look back on the many journeys for years to come.

Now, a new chapter begins! I am looking forward to many more fantastic rides!

Today I had to go way out in Queens to a meeting for work. So I took my new Bonnie out for her virgin ride since returning from my original pick up. While out there, I returned to the place where I bought the bike. The reason I returned is that my inspection sticker flew off on my way home from picking her up. I went back to get a new sticker. Otherwise, I don’t feel any need to return there. My experience wasn’t that great. I’ll explain later.

After my work meeting, I rode to Welling Court in Queens. I have been here before but today is a little different. And below is the brand new 2018 Triumph Bonneville T120.

Presently artists are out there putting up their new murals for the 2018 celebration this coming weekend. This Saturday, June 9, 2018, from 12pm-8pm will be the Welling Court Mural Project, full of art, music, food, and community.

Below Sinned puts up a new piece.

Every time I have visited this place previously there was some type of obstruction in front of this wall. It was nice to see it in its entirety.

I am not sure who these guys are, but I like the work.

I spoke with Joel Artista who is doing a mural with two other artists down the block. Here he is with his funky fish car.

These guys were putting up a wicked piece with a Yankees theme down the street from last years RWK mural. Chris RWK and his crew haven’t updated their wall yet.

After seeing Welling Court it was time to pay a visit to the all-new Triumph Brooklyn!

I would have been happy to buy my bike from these guys, but I wasn’t sure when they were going to open, (they opened on May 22). I mentioned that I had tried to contact them and was miffed that no one had returned my inquiries in a regrettable somewhat snooty Facebook post I left on their site. I was sick with a wicked cold and fed up with the Gold Coast shop where I had just gotten my bike. So I made a comment. The guy from Triumph Brooklyn responded with kindness and mentioned that we had a mutual friend. I ate some humble pie and started an online conversation with Jim who owns the new shop in Brooklyn. I apologized for my pissy post and then deleted it.

Today I would go to the shop and meet Jim face to face. He couldn’t have been nicer. We had a laugh about the Facebook bullshit and a good spirited meeting. And the shop is a beauty! I entered through the large garage door opening and looked around a bit. As I was checking out some of the bikes, one of the guys in the shop asked me to step back. I had to step back because the bikes I was checking out were actually on a platform that served as the roof of an elevator!

The entire floor began rising up with 5 bikes atop exposing the service area below. When I was researching this place I looked at the facade on Google maps. I was curious where they worked on the bikes. Space is limited in this city and they managed to find a genius way of getting the bikes down below for servicing. Jim introduced me to his service guy Anthony. My new bike was idling a little low. It had stalled out a couple times. I know I have to take the bike out and really open her up and break her in. But Anthony said he would be happy to hook her up to diagnostics and make adjustments to the idle if I want to stop by tomorrow.

I have to admit I am sceptical of many bike shops. I have delt with some shady places. I am no mechanic and with the new Bonnie so dependent on electronics, I am going to need help with maintenance more than ever. I left Triumph Brooklyn feeling good. This shop looks like a class act for sure. I will confidently be taking my bike there for my future servicing needs.

Triumph Brooklyn will be having their Grand Opening Party on Saturday, June 16, 2018. The location is 105 Metropolitan Avenue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn just a couple blocks from the East River. Check it out!

As for a review of the new T120, I will save it for another day. I really do want to take her for a long ride where I can and really twist that throttle and push her limits. Welcome to a new era!

As for the old era…my T100 will be missed. But all I have to do is come to this site and relive the many magic moments.

One Response to “We’re Back!”

  1. Hi Pat, I hope the T120 works out for you. I look forward to keeping up on the continuing adventure. -T

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