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Indian Larry Block Party 2018

Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2018 by Pat Regan

Hey Brooklyn! It’s that time of year again. With the summer creeping to an end, the Indian Larry Block Party came out in force.

I parked my bike amongst the many lined streets of motorcycle-only parking.

It was much more lively this year than it’s been in a while.

I’ve got to say, there were more bikes and more clubs showing their colors than I have seen here in a long time, as well as plenty of cops. And everyone was cool. The cops seemed to revel in the event as they let guys do wheelies and burnouts up and down multiple streets in North Williamsburg.

This three-wheeled ride was cool. The trike is some type of hybrid. It both pedals and has an engine.

And he recognizes that riding on two wheels is even better.

This sweet Chevy came whipping around the corner for a quick shot!

I caught this beauty from the rear as well. Nice!

Helmet laws in NY are of course strictly enforced.

Timo was here again from the Great White North.

He makes excellent leather and travel gear for bikes. Mad Squirrel Leather. Check it out:

Last year Timo had his chopper alongside his stand. Since then, that bike nearly killed him. His kickstand dropped while he was on a twisty left curve. That sucker dug into the pavement and sent him and the bike flying end-over-end into a ditch.

Below is a photo (I took last year) of the Banana, the bike that threw him. You can see some of his work in the wickedly woven seat and the vertical duffle he calls a nutsack.

This shovel has a dedication to Richie Pan on the air filter.

I saw a sticker on a bike earlier in the day that said: “rust is a color”. This bike below is out to prove it.

This is Gloria Struck. She is in the AMA Hall of Fame and has been riding for over 75 years. At 93, she is still riding!

She signed a copy of her book for me today.

To Pat, Safe riding and live your dreams! Best wishes Gloria.

Thank you, Gloria.

Below is the photo that David Uhl used to do the painting that is on the cover of Gloria”s book.

Another artist, Makoto Endo was in attendance.

Here he paints in his unique style using chopsticks as his brush.

I bumped into my friend Cliff as well today. I first met Cliff at a pow-wow in Montana in 2009 while riding cross country.

Cliff is a strong-minded spiritual dude. Below is Cliff when I met him. While I was still rubbing my eyes from another late night, he had already run in a race and was entertaining some of the local kids by providing himself as target practice.

In addition to being Pres & Founder of REDRUM Motorcycle Club and former Golden Gloves champ, Cliff is the Cultural Director at Redhawk Native American Arts Council.  He organizes numerous pow-wows and gatherings in the tri-state area. Join Cliff for a Re-thinking about Columbus Day on Randall’s Island, October 7th and 8th.

The history of Columbus our students are taught in the United States is a glorified, hugely edited, fluffy depiction of what took place in 1492 and the years thereafter. The story we are commonly taught comes from a biography of Columbus written by Washington Irving. Washington Irving, the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The story of a headless horseman, a pumpkinhead. A fairy tale. At the time Irving’s story about Columbus fit a narrative that this country wanted to promote. It was adapted and became the story told in most American History books thereafter. The truth of Columbus’s story is a horrific and tragic tale that left blood and carnage everywhere he and his men set foot.

History is the truth. The truth matters. Re-think. Re-Learn.

A ’69 327 SS Camaro. Sometimes 4 wheels are nice too.

A hardtail frame and no springs on that seat. Better hope for a smooth ride.

This dude was enjoying a chill moment on his vintage Triumph.

Engine envy!

The rocking sounds of Judas Priestess.

The Stinky Pinky is a classic 70’s Triumph chopper.

Richie Pan’s bike had some Angels looking over it.

It was a nice day for the block party. With news of hurricane Florence to the south occupying most weather reports, today was a fine day in Brooklyn with just enough cloud to sun ratio to make for a festive gathering.

This bike below was obviously a head turner. I think it’s an Indian Larry build.

After Larry’s Block Party I stopped at the Triumph dealer for a minute, then headed back across the bridge to Manhattan. Good day!



Brooklyn Invitational 2018

Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2018 by Pat Regan

This past weekend it was off to Brooklyn!

Saturday was the 10th Annual Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show.

As cool as the bikes are inside, the street is a treasure trove of awesome machines.

Custom builds always line 15th Street during this event.

Every once in a while you hear the sound of other vintage rides going by.

This bobbed out Triumph was especially nice.

Another hardcore hardtail Triumph.

Inside Root Studios is the actual show.

The bikes were spread out across two rooms this year, giving more space to check out the motorcycles.

Outside it was getting dark.

It looked as though Ellis Gallagher had recently gotten busy with a chalk outline.

Took the ferry back and called it a night. Good show!