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Brooklyn Invitational 2018

Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2018 by Pat Regan

This past weekend it was off to Brooklyn!

Saturday was the 10th Annual Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show.

As cool as the bikes are inside, the street is a treasure trove of awesome machines.

Custom builds always line 15th Street during this event.

Every once in a while you hear the sound of other vintage rides going by.

This bobbed out Triumph was especially nice.

Another hardcore hardtail Triumph.

Inside Root Studios is the actual show.

The bikes were spread out across two rooms this year, giving more space to check out the motorcycles.

Outside it was getting dark.

It looked as though Ellis Gallagher had recently gotten busy with a chalk outline.

Took the ferry back and called it a night. Good show!