Thanksgiving Ride.

Thanksgiving itself was well below freezing in NYC this year. But Sunday warmed up to above 50 degrees, so I took a little ride about town.

I headed over to Bushwick. There were some pieces I hadn’t seen before.

RIS Crew did this nice family portrait of the Simpsons. It was cool how it dripped onto the sidewalk giving me a parking platform.

Sipros Sipros is a favorite of mine. He has a cool Salvador Dali piece a few blocks from me.

Roll Up Brooklyn (386 Jefferson St.), is a cool garage if you need a place to keep your bike. $185 gives you 24/7 access and a place to work on your bike.

Inside bikes lined both walls. Here is a Triumph mingling with all kinds of other makes and models.

This chopper closed out the other side. Here is a short article about the place.

This mural sign and painting company wasn’t here the last time I passed. It is completely covered with a NYC aquatic attack theme.

Crossing the creek on Grand Street I hung to the right and headed west on Metropolitan Avenue. There I found this great Kenny Scharf painting.

See the red creature just behind my bike? His name is Scary Guy. This is the artist Kenny Scharf below. He recently signed my sculpture of Scary Guy.

He even turned the P in my name into a character. Thanks Kenny!

Before finishing out this post, let me take you back a few weeks. I was invited down to Electric Lady Studios.

I rode down to the studio and met my friend Steve. Steve used to be a sound tech there. We had some great times at the studio, but I hadn’t been there in a while.

Let’s take a step inside and have a look around at the studio Jimi Hendrix built.

Above is the view from within the sound booth. Below is Studio A. Rock n Roll royalty has recorded in this space.

Here is a close up of the mural on the back wall in the studio.

Other ethereal psychedelic paintings line the halls.

Many advances were made in the studio since the times I used to hang here, but fortunately, they kept the original design and artwork intact.

The bathrooms are covered in collage from old magazines.

Later in the evening was listening party for Ray Angry’s new album.

Here is Ray with a special guest. Yes, it’s Lauryn Hill.

Well, I expect that temperatures will be dropping as the winter approaches. The rides will come with less frequency for a while. But one never knows. There should be a good day here and there.

Until then, Happy Holidays!

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