Happy New Year 2019

I want to wish everyone a very happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year!

New Years Day in NYC brought some warm weather! Despite a cold I have been battling all week, I bundled up and went for a ride. I got a late start. It was a struggle to get out but glad I did once I hopped on the bike and headed toward a tunnel. I live on an island so any ride worth taking will involve a tunnel or a bridge.

I opted for the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. I was going to Floyd Bennett Field via Coney Island. I took the Belt Parkway around and under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. It was warm for January 1st but it was a bit cooler along the waters and the wind was kicking.

I exited at Coney Island. Surf Ave is chewed up and closed between Nathans and the Ford Amphitheater so I had to ride around to Stillwell by the subway station. This is where you find the amusement park. There were a lot of people around. It didn’t occur to me until I got home that they do the Polar Bear Club swim here on New Years Day.

As I stopped at a red light and looked around, an unexpected gust nearly knocked me over. I wasn’t expecting it and it seriously pushed the bike toward my right. You know, just enough to remind you of what’s to come as the coastal adventure continues.

Floyd Bennett Field is an old airport at the end of Flatbush Avenue. I like it here. Today it was more or less a destination. I hadn’t been out here with the new bike.

I have explored this place before along with nearby Dead Horse Bay. I was hoping to do some exploring today but I could feel the temperatures dropping and I was a good 45 minutes from home. So my “on foot” adventure for today was limited to sticking my head through a couple of broken windows.

Before I left the field, I had a look at the water. I was really tempted to cross that bridge and explore more by the ocean, but like I said I’ve been fighting a cold and it was time to head home.

I was just happy to have a day to hop on the bike in January! In the city, you see lots of ads and flyers of places that will winterize your bike. Drain it and let it sit with a trickle charge. I say no way! And days like today are the reason why.

There is always something to look forward to.

Speaking of looking forward. I was seeing how a Bonneville T120 would fit in a Ram Promaster 2500. I did all the measurements and then dreamed of the possibilities.


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