Bushwick Collective 2019

Wow! Until I saw the date of the last post, I hadn’t realized how long I’ve been away from this site and riding in general. Sometimes life interferes with the the things we like to do best. I have been out and about town a few times, but nothing to mention. Anyway, today I went for a short ride to Brooklyn. The 8th Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party was taking place today. On the way I saw this Adam Dare piece again on Grand Street, only this time it had a big space for rent sign over part of it. Nothing lasts.

I continued down Metropolitan Avenue and crossed the bridge. Then as I always do, I took a right turn too early. Eventually I zig zagged back to Flushing Avenue then on to the Block Party. I got this T-shirt (Below).

Various streets were closed. So I went the wrong way up a one way street and found a nice spot to park. After seeing this photo below I realized that my inspection sticker is peeling away from the fork. This is a problem with the fork on the T120 (at least in NY). NY law requires that the inspection sticker is adhered to the fork directly. Plates screwed to the bike for that purpose are not allowed. The forks on the new T120 are textured and the inspection stickers just won’t stay on there.

I thought this event may be the same as the Bushwick open studios day. It’s not. This is the block party like it says. The open studios event is in September.

But it’s not like the typical generic block party you find in Manhattan. The Bushwick Collective Block Party has DJ’s, rappers, and musical artists blasting music throughout the day on a stage just to the right of the photo above. And there is the art. Many of the neighborhood walls get repainted for the block party as they do at Miami’s Wynwood Walls or Welling Court in Queens, NY which takes place next week. Below is a great big Biggie mural by Urban Ruben.

There were other artists painting live. I saw some body painting artists, but the bodies did not command any photos.

This performer pushing and pulling a plethora of pink paraphernalia ended up doing a bizarre street show.

This guy was working on a wall.

Below is the work of an artist I like very much. His name is Sipros (Wellington Naberezny Sipros). He is from Sao Paolo, Brazil. This is his latest piece made for the block party.

I’ve been following his work for years. This Salvador Dali is my neighborhood.

The next 3 were in Bushwick in past years.

Much to my surprise, Sipros was there in the flesh. It was a pleasure to meet this artist that I admire.


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