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Welling Court Mural Project 2019

Posted in Uncategorized on June 9, 2019 by Pat Regan

The Welling Court area in Astoria Queens is a disappearing treasure. Another urban art mecca is not fading away for lack of great enthusiastic artists, but like 5 Points, fresh forbidden walls of new developments are replacing the walls which were once welcome canvases for some of NYC’s greatest artists of the streets. The Welling Court Mural Project is an annual event where Carpe Diem is the spirit as the neighborhood is transformed by the new ideas and applied skills of accomplished aerosol artists.

This peeling mess below was how SPONE’s wall looked on Thursday.

By Saturday it was blasting with color as can be seen behind this plugged in gamer.

DAZE and CRASH seem to be absent again today.

Queen Andrea was a no show as well. I believe she recently completed the Bowery Wall on Houston Street this month.

CEY goes way back. Today he is working on his piece just to the left of Queen Andrea’s spot.

CEY in action.

Joe Iurato usually works in black and white with minimal color as he did in this last collaboration with Rubin415.

This year blues and reds pop around his mural with an homage to Keith Haring.

This event brings together icons from the roots of graffiti and hip hop as Kool Kyle interviews one of the subways former vandals.

There were quite a few old subway bombers from the 70’s here today. Below Snake rips a tag in someone’s book.

Not sure if this is promoting Bushwick Collective or mocking it.

I’m not really fond of felines, but I do like City Kitty.

Marc Maniac at work on Thursday.

He is collaborating with Chris Soria and Ian Cinco.

The piece was coming together by Saturday.

Ian Cinco threads through Soria’s geometric maze.

And look at that…this little angel below was the model for that angel above. I believe it’s Marc’s kid.

My Bonnie sits on the corner of Welling Court as the world around transforms.

CERNESTO below seems to paints organically. I feel the painting just grows to his liking. I’m not sure about his methods, but I like his style.

You can see beyond the hydrant things have changed dramatically.

To the left of the hydrant NYSEE has transformed his wall as well. On Thursday it was all about Gratitude.

By Saturday afternoon a Mickey Mouse KAWS-like figure developed. I actually heard a rumor saying that KAWS was doing a piece for this years project.

I think I know who started the rumor.


This devilish Yankee figure from last year was also making a transformation.

You can still see the fiery orange hair and the eyes on the left hand of this Aztec deity taking over this wall.

And later.


The left side of this corner is reserved for RWK (Robots Will Kill crew). No one has shown up yet to do a 2019 mural. The painting you see now is by VENG from 2018. The year before it was CHRIS RWK.

TOO FLY was laying down her outlines and beginning some spray on Thursday. And SINNED to the left had made his mark.

By Saturday her traditional blues and purples were layering over Thursday’s sketch.

SINNED continued his piece on Saturday.

This wall is around a narrow corner from the CRASH, DAZE and CEY wall. The Welling Court area has a couple tight triangular blocks so the corner here is acute like the bow of a ship.

FUMERO had a minimalist piece this year. I am wondering if there is more to come.

Trump on Thursday.

Adopt a pet on Saturday.

Adam Dare and some butterfly eyes remained as they were.

This is Thursday.

On Saturday, the wall to the right was covered over as seen below.

This piece around the corner has been shown respect for a couple years now. Been there since 2017.

You can see an artist on his ladder down the block.

That guy on the ladder is covering up this De Niro from last year…

…with this James Cagney today.

KIDLEW was wrapping up his piece early when I passed by on Thursday.

Here it is Saturday with the garage door closed.

A reflective gate across the street.

On Thursday this artist was hand painting Whoopi Goldberg on a small wall down the street from KIDLEW.

Below is the completed wall today. If you look closely you can see a guy sizing up a ladder in the background above Whoopi’s head. Turns out he sized it up a little too far from the wall. A few moments later, SLAM! He and the ladder were laying flat on the ground. He had a quick lesson in physics, friction, and gravity.

This You Know Me turned out to be prophetic. As I was checking out the #You Know Me wall, my friend Roxy surprised me from behind. She and her family were headed to a carnival in Astoria Park.

I spoke to Sara Erenthal for a minute. I like her work. I see it all over the city.

It looks like she is painting the eye. Actually she is painting over the eye. She was not happy with her circle and one of the lashes.

As I was leaving the neighborhood I noticed Sara Erenthal had left her mark on a mattress someone was throwing out.

I went north a bit to check out the carnival Roxy told me about.

Some nice homes in Northern Astoria.

The Robert Francis Kennedy Bridge.

The carnival was packed and definitely for the kids, so I briefly walked through and back out.