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Car Show * Automat * Hicksville, NY.

Posted in Uncategorized on June 15, 2019 by Pat Regan

I had every intention of going to a pow wow in New Jersey on Saturday. Then, on Friday night I heard about a car show. I love a car show! I love a pow wow too, but the car show started early and ended early. The pow wow went well into the evening. Could I do both? Ha! Best laid plans of mice and men. Meaning, I did not get to Jersey. But I saw a great car show! I’ll tell you more about the pow wow at the end of the post.

Anyway, I got up early and was out the door before 11. Early for me. I hopped on the bike and headed East. East seems funny being that I can see the ocean from Brooklyn. But then there’s Long Island. And Long Island is huge. It jets off far to the Northeast from the city. It’s bigger than our country’s smallest state! I was headed to Hicksville, NY. A shop that specializes in auto interiors was having an auto show. Welcome to Automat.

There were plenty of cars. From the rustiest…

…to the shiniest!

Beautiful cars of yesteryear surrounded the grounds of Automat.

A true pleasure for me at this event was meeting Chuck Zito.

It was actually through Chuck’s Instagram that I found out about the car show. He was bringing his ’68 Charger.

This car is primo! And powerful!

His 1968 Charger sports a Super Bird style fin in the rear and a 528 engine up front.

If you check out his Instagram, he has a video of himself driving home and talking about this beauty. I believe he says it cranks over 800 Horsepower!

Underneath pays tribute to his days with his motorcycle club.

The Batmobile was in attendance.

This is one of those aquatic vehicles.

The dude behind this Reliant owns the purple monster below.

It was LOUD!

I was taking a photo of this Packard from the other side. The owner told me to stop. He said it looked much better from the left side. Indeed.

How cool is that bumper?

They invited people to have a look inside the shop. It was cool to see folks at work.

The interior of this Jaguar was stripped empty.

Here they are working on a trike with a VW rear.

A 572 under the hood. Monsterous!

There’s something about a Buick Riviera.


Dig a ’58.

By the time I was ready to leave, I recognized I wasn’t going to make it to the pow wow. I was hungry too. I was told there was a good place to get tacos in Far Rockaway. So I took a slight detour on the way home.

I decided to try these tacos at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club for myself. Yup! They were good taco’s. Greasy good! The place was crowded and took a while, but everyone was friendly and all was chilly willy. Good vibe. I was told it gets a lot more crowded later when the surfers return.

So hey! I missed the pow wow today. But, if you ever get a chance, check out one of the following events. My friend Cliff (who I met in Montana on one of my adventures), organizes these amazing events. There are more coming up.