International Motorcycle Show 2019

This past weekend was the International Motorcycle Show here in NYC.

I toyed with the idea of going all weekend. Then Sunday afternoon I decided to hop in the bike and make it happen. So I headed over to the Javits Center.

It wasn’t too cold this day. Not a bad ride at all.

Parking is weird around the Javits Center. It’s posted No Parking Anytime on most surrounding streets. But I finally found a spot between a few tiny cop cars.

In the background below is a new structure called the Vessel. It has stairs and platforms spiraling upward. It is nestled into a new NYC neighborhood called Hudson Yards. Hudson Yards is built over the old train yards that flowed from Penn Station toward New Jersey near the Hudson River.

On to the Javits Center and the bike show.

This year the show was downstairs.

The big dealers were prominent as you walked in. Suzuki and Kawasaki sitting right up front as you enter.

They say, ‘The 1973 Legend Returns’ with this Kawasaki Z900RS. A good looking bike that has a nice retro vibe.

Harley Davidson seems to be toning down it’s appearance. There is a whole lot less orange. Like practically none. It’s a good look.

Fun for the whole family!

Or for riding solo. This set up was funny because it came with fans to make it feel like wind is blowing at you as you fake ride.

The only orange I did see was in a strange new Harley display. The world of electric bikes.

This is Harley Davidson’s new electric bike line.

It’s a solid-looking machine, but I am not sold on the electric bike thing.

I see however that there will soon be a new generation of folks on these silent two-wheelers. They had a small rider course to test out the Zero, another type of electric bike.

Mosko is a brand I wasn’t familiar with. I checked their stuff out. It’s nice. But It’s expensive!

The clothing and the bags are built tough and waterproof.

It’s the Mosko bags that first caught my attention. At the end of the Summer, I hope to go on a grand adventure so I am interested in quality gear. I love the giant bag I have, but it is beaten up and old after 100,000 miles. As durable as this gear is I think I would get the new version of my same old bag over this. I use the SW-MOTECH Speed Pack. It provides more packing space and is about 200 dollars cheaper than the gear below. Plus it makes an awesome backrest.

As you walk about there are vintage and custom bikes on display here and there, like this 1974 Norton 850 Commando.

I’m a sucker for reflections in unusual places like in this old Husqvarna tank. These are tough old bikes.

I did not know however, that Husqvarna is still cranking out bikes. They have reasonable price tags as well.

There are always interesting bikes to be found along the main aisles at the Javits Center.

Each year customized bikes can be found atop oval-shaped J&P Cycles carpets. This hardcore Bonnie conversion had Mad Max metal spikes on each tire.

This Harley Forty8 looked ready for adventure.

Below, this Bonnie looked ready for some off road action.

Jesus was prominently displayed on the fairing above this J&P carpet.

There is generally a spot for some vintage beauties at the show as well.

This bike called the Little Skinny was beautiful.

Both the bike and the paint job were works of art.

This monstrous customized BMW was on a rotating platform.

There was no sign of Triumph Brooklyn or Ducati NYC this year. But in a far corner of the convention center was Yamaha.

And in the far corner of Yamaha was the Yamaha TW200.

I have had my eye on this bike for a while.

As I dream of more days on the road in my future, I can imagine this bike on one of those racks that hangs above ground from a tow rack.

It’s lightweight, tough and street legal, but built for the unpaved road as well. It was good to sit on it and get a feel for it.

The last time I looked up as I left the Javits Center, none of those buildings were in the background. That is Hudson Yards that I spoke of earlier. Just like that! An entirely new, state of the art, modern neighborhood has appeared from the rubble of former warehouses and train yards.

I don’t dig these three-wheelers, but I like a nice paint job.

So all in all a good day at the bike show.

The temperature keeps dropping as December rolls along, so my bike may be parked for a while. One can hope for those freaky warm fronts. Meanwhile, Santa keeps me company as he rides around my place for the season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!

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