New World Ride

I rode the other day. I had an errand to run. I had to pick up a piece of art that I bought from a gallery downtown. Normally, I would think nothing of taking a nice long walk down to E12th Street and picking it up. But that was then. I figured the greatest way to distance myself was on the bike. You can’t beat the protection of a mask under a face shield.

IMG_0190 copy.jpg

The streets were fairly empty, at least from vehicular traffic. People are another story. Pedestrians are walking into streets oblivious that there ever was such a thing as traffic. They are like horny deer at dusk in the springtime, dangerously darting into the street!

The guy from the gallery was running a little late so I rode around LES a bit. The battery could use a good charge anyway. As I was riding up Avenue A, these teenage kids were riding bicycles alongside me to the right. You know, a posse of dirt bike punks zipping about. Suddenly, one of the kids hangs a sharp left cutting in front of me in order to make a U-turn in the middle of a two-way avenue! He never thought to look. I missed him by inches. Inches. It really freaked me out. It was so close.

As I continued down the avenue passing Tompkins Square Park, I noticed a memorial on the corner. It depicts a tally of those afflicted, written on a mirror along with some American flags and knick-knacks. The slogan that sadly states a truth for today is displayed, “Stay 6 feet apart or be 6 feet under”. As of today, the New York death toll hit 15,000. 15,000 people are dead from this virus in New York alone. Having just written that, it seems stupid to continue writing about a day out on the bike. But we have to continue. Whatever it is that we do. It is essential to keep a sense of normalcy. 

IMG_0208 copy.jpg

So, I hopped back on the bike and headed to 212 ARTS. This groovy gallery promotes the type of art I really dig. The art of the streets. I have been visiting 212 ARTS for years. If you have followed this blog you know I love Urban Art. 212 ARTS specializes in the urban art of today along with the great graffiti pioneers of yesteryear.

IMG_0217 copy.jpg

I was here to meet with Marc Leader, owner of the gallery, so I could pick up a piece by artist Adam Fujita @ADAMFU. Because of the virus, Adam Fujita’s show at 212 ARTS had to be done virtually. It’s really cool though! Check it out HERE.

thebushwickcollective_93364756_523455501869888_1940753072366954642_n.jpgBeing here in the gallery was the first time I was having a face to face encounter with someone since this thing really blew up. It is weird. I entered the gallery. Marc was masked up as was I, and we carried on as we normally would. Marc wrapped up the piece as we talked shit about art and such. Then with a nod instead of a handshake, I was off. My new work of art was strapped down with a bungee net and I was ready to head home.

IMG_0219 copy.jpg

I am always psyched when I get my hands on a new piece of artwork. This time, however, was extra special. Adam Fujita decided to make a limited edition print from the piece I had purchased. So tomorrow, 4/23/20 at 7pm EST at, a print of this wicked cool work of art will go on sale. @212arts


How cool is that! I am usually the one with a print if I am lucky enough to get one or be able to afford it.


But this time I have the original. It’s exciting.


It has been crazy getting about in this city. Getting supplies on foot is an unwelcome adventure. Getting this artwork on the bike became a near treacherous adventure. It could have gone so wrong. Had that kid made the left turn a second later, we would both probably need emergency care. The hospital is one place you do not want to be right now in New York City!

I made it back home unscathed, with my new artwork to keep me company. A risky ride, but the bike can’t just sit around either. We have to do whatever it is that we have to do in order to seize the day.  That brings us to another Adam Fujita piece in Queens from better days.


Take good care everybody.


4 Responses to “New World Ride”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Love the art work. I’m a NYer with a Triumph Bonneville as well, but I am on sabbatical (and quite possibly stuck) in California. I took a ride in Fresno on March that was hair-raising too—distracted driving is so much worse now that people are not only on their phone, but preoccupied with worry. There is also alarming statewide news of a huge uptick in speeding violations, and even young people drag-racing, on the empty freeways. Several inner-city high-speed chases are also of concern.

    One would also think this to be a perfect opportunity to ride safely in NYC for once, or any city for that matter, but it appears to be the opposite. I am going to take a hard pass on riding for the moment.

    My heart breaks daily for our hometown. Stay safe and healthy!

  2. rbgribbon Says:

    Pretty cool.  Thanks for sharing Pat! R. Benjamin Gribbon 

    • Thanks for checking in Ben! Nice to hear from you!
      I removed your personal info and put it elsewhere.
      Hope to get down there when this crazy shit it resolved.

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