Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Grinning uncontrollably behind my Covid protection, I entered this immense space. The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum draws you into an environment for the purpose of showcasing vintage machines. It is massive with open air between the basement and the highest ceiling 6 floors above. Between are balconies, catwalks and ramps serpentining between each floor. And everywhere are motorcycles. Amazing!

It’s overwhelming as you take it all in as a whole. They recommended taking the elevator to the top and winding your way down. The elevator is the centerpiece between four columns of motorcycles that you pass as you travel upward. And beyond the pillars of bikes is the entire history of motorsports. It was seemingly endless.

After the journey of ascending beauty, you are greeted at the top floor by one magnificent bike after another.

It’s fairly obvious that visiting this museum is a commitment. If you come here, be prepared to spend some good slow paced time winding around each display. 

From some of the earliest motorbikes, like this steam powered machine above to my personal favorite, the Brough Superior (below), this museum is a two wheel festival for the eyes!

Meanwhile, just outside the window is a racetrack where Porshes whip past around sharp curves. The roaring engines add a nice soundtrack to the whole experience.

It’s almost too much. Like visiting the Louvre, one can become desensitized to the individual works because of the sheer quantity of pieces. Each one of them would stop you in your tracks if you saw them anywhere else in the world. Being aware of this, and the fact that I may not get back here anytime soon, I made sure to savor all of it.

And so I will leave the rest up to you. I am posting all the photos I took.

It is just one phenomenal machine after another. They are all mint. Each one begging you to find a flaw. Everything here is clean and pristine. This place has everything. It was a genuine pleasure to be here. And there is a nice selection of Triumphs throughout.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. Let the photos do the talking. It was stupendous!






To wrap up this fine day some beautiful cars were served up like a digestif at the end of a monumental meal of magnificent machinery. Delicious!

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