My New Best Friend

After not riding for a while I couldn’t even get a click from my battery. This little gadget helped start the bike twice today.

See that light shining! The EPS K24 Portable jumpstart pack. Amazing! It will charge phones too!

I have had issues with the battery on numerous occasions since I started riding. There have been times on the road where I have just kept the bike running as I look about for fear of not being able to get her started again. Most of my battery issues have been a result of cold weather and neglect. And yes, I have been known to leave the light on a time or two. Duh! In the past, I have gotten assistance from straight-up jumpstarts or using a similar device the size of a briefcase to get my bike started.

Now my days of pleading for help, push-starts, and clutch popping are over. This thing packs small in the bag but packs the punch needed to zap that battery and get rolling again. Hopefully, I won’t have to use it but I appreciate the added sense of security it will provide on those lonely roads.

There are numerous devices like the EPS K24 on the market. I only know this one. And I like it!

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