AMA Vintage Days 2022

I rolled into the Mid-Ohio Racetrack for the American Motorcycle Association’s Vintage Days. This is a fun event. I got there fairly early on Friday thinking it would be no problem to find a space to pitch my tent. Ha! Seems everyone else arrived on Thursday. The place was packed. Fortunately people are kind here. This guy Darren told me he had no problem with me pitching my tent next to his van. Technically that space was not on his site, so I asked another guy (with the flags in the photo), Brent if it would be OK. He said it would be fine. I wanted this particular location because it is the only area with morning shade. The rest of the place is an open field. All good!

This event is filled with things going on all day, every day. There are races on the track throughout the day. Different races for every type of motorcycle. Races are broken up according to the size and various types of motorcycles, from vintage machines to super sport bikes. There aren’t that many great vantage points to see the races up close and personal. You are looking at some major zooming in these photos below, but regardless, it is cool to hear them ripping past.

Besides the races, this is one of the largest, (if not the largest) swap meet east of the Mississippi. If you are working on a vintage bike and need an obscure part, chances are you will find it here.

It’s not just parts. You can pick up a good deal on a variety of bikes ready to ride away. Someday I just may take advantage of that when I become a man with a van.


When I saw this vehicle below, I asked, ”Are those old pick up truck fenders?” The guy lit up with a smile and said, ”Yeah! I just bought it! The guy had no idea what it was.” He told me it was from a 39 Chevy and the headlight was from some other vehicle from the 30s.

There were Triumphs everywhere you looked this year. Both at the swap meet and at a show down the hill.

Remember this is a racetrack, and not just for motorcycles. This pile of discarded race car tires is at the other end of the swap meet.

Unlike the place I am headed to in South Dakota, this was one of the few vintage Harleys I saw.

Another awesome attraction here is the Wall of Death. The Wall of Death is always a thrill to watch.

Below you can see this old timer scaling the walls. He is 70 years old riding an Indian even older.

Then this guy from New Jersey did the more death defying rides around the wall. A crowd favorite is to hold out a dollar bill.

Then the rider grabs them as he rips around perpendicular to the ground.

Video is something new to MyBonnie. Hope you enjoy them.

As cool as the races are on the paved track, my favorite event is watching the impromptu riding of the guests on an oval dirt track. This is an anything goes event, that lasts all day and through the night. People of all ages and gender ride all kinds of vehicles around this track from vintage full size bikes to quads. It’s a blast to watch.

This dude’s name is Brandon. The sidecar is called the Drunk Tank. We’ll see him agin later at the burnouts.

Notice the sign behind the kid who crashed. There will be an interesting video of that Punk Rock Tonight later in the post.

Kids were having a blast too. These young ladies were fearless!

A short but heavy rain storm blasted through making the place a muddy mess. This guy in the quad was enjoying fish-tailing as he passed groups of people, spraying them with thick gobs of mud. I caught a baseball size clump on the top of my head.

This guy (I forgot his name), was camping with Brent and a bunch of guys where I pitched my tent. He wasted no time getting out there after the storm.

It may have stormed but I still needed to get out for groceries. I braved the mud and made it back with no problem. You can see the treads on my tires solidly packed with that same gooey mud that slapped me upside the head.

A few years ago I began fish-tailing as I was leaving this place after a rain. The bike swerved left right left. I was fully packed and thought I may go down but I kept that bike upright. As I was pulling away I could hear cheers from some folks who also thought I was going down.

In the evenings there is an area where people do burnouts. Folks line up their rear wheel on an old board and let ’er rip as viewers pour beer down their throats. It’s a riot. For this part, video is an excellent source.

This kid was, let’s say, enthusiastic.

Here’s the Drunk Tank side car that we saw at the dirt track earlier.

After checking out some burn outs, I was curious what the punk rock sign was all about. Well, let me show you. I introduce you to Body Farm.

I mentioned earlier that the dirt track mayhem went on through the night as well. Check out the Jet Ski motorcycle in this last video clip.

I’ll wrap this post up with a look at the vintage bike show. Below is the original version of the bike I ride now. The T120 Bonneville. Beautiful!

Like I said at the swap meet… this year is heavy on the Triumphs.

What the #$%@!!! A Honda Davidson?

BSA had a flair for style. That Gold Star above is a classic emblem and the older design below represents what the company actually was, Birmingham Small Arms.

This was a Moto Guzzi with a turbo engine. I heard it starting up as it was taking off from the other end of the field. It made a wild whistling sound.

This muddy mess of a Honda was parked outside the bike show area as I was leaving.

This was my third time here at the AMA Vintage Days. I was hoping to see a bunch of guys from Rochester who I have hung out with in the past, but it seems they didn’t make it this year. I hope everyone is alright. I know they like to visit the swap meet in Rhinebeck, NY as well. Maybe I will see them there.

Now, which way to Sturgis?

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