This site is dedicated to my journey as a motorcyclist. I live in NYC. I got my license in April, 2008. I got my bike that same week. And so the story goes…….

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  1. Richie Paredes Says:

    Hi Mr. Regan, you probably don’t remember me my name is Richie and I was a former student at P.S. 169M RFK for a period of five months from February to June of 1999 (21 years ago).
    Everyone of your students at the time loved you with your amazing work as an Art teacher.
    I am aware the fact that some or most of your former colleagues have moved on in separate ways in their lives like Mr. Klatzkow, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Mercer, Ms. Redding, Mr. Andrusin, Mr. Rouse, Ms. Lima, Mr. Parks, Ms. Davis, Mr. Katulak, Ms. Hill, Mr. Austin, and among others. Well I can’t say that I know them but I vaguely remember them, since then I haven’t seen nor spoken to them since. But I like to make an offer that you can’t refuse, make peace.

    • Hey Richie. Thanks for checking in. I think I do remember you. Fun to read some of the names you mention. I still keep in touch with some of those folks. Peace man.

  2. William walker Says:

    Just wanted to let u know what my name is and I placed 3rd in the rats hole and thank u for sharing the pic on the web I have always wanted to be out there

    • Hey William! I remember it started with a W! Sorry for the delay. Things have been busy since Sturgis. I may have a few more photos. I didn’t recognize you at first during the Rat’s Hole show with your beard parted. I may have a few more photos. When I dig them up I will email you. Cheers!

  3. Pat, I just found this mybonnie blog. I’ve been checking your nygumbo blog all summer long hoping for a new trip and figured you didn’t go this summer. Then you posted over there to look over here and there it was — another cross country summer trip!

    I, like many others, am a big fan of your blog and trips. I’ve got a 2003 T100 and since I found your blog several years ago, I’ve been prepping/planning for my own cross country trip one day. Until then, I’ll keep reading about yours.

    • Thank you Kyle! I apologize for neglecting the nygumbo blog. I am glad you enjoy riding along. Planning a prepping is fun but eventually you have to twist that throttle and make it happen. You won’t regret it!

  4. Howdy! Karl here in Seattle. You are my new hero 🙂 My wife and I recently acquired a pair of Bonnie T100’s — hers is exactly like yours, same year, same color; mine is a black and red ’07 model. We’re planning a cross country trip for May/June 2015. Your blog has been very inspirational. I haven’t read every article yet…do you have any entries devoted to your equipment, logistics, repair issues, any of that support stuff that goes along with the adventure? Would love to hear more about what you brought, what you left behind, what works, what doesn’t, etc.

    Again, awesome stuff, my man. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    – Karl

    • Hey thanks Karl, Sorry for the delayed response. Have a look at the pages on the right column. There is a page dedicated to gear and supplies. If you post anything online, feel free to leave a link here. Have a great journey!

  5. Great blog! I’m gearing up for my first cross country and would love to chat and get some pointers. I’m also in NYC and could totally meet up with you at the Ear or something and buy you a beverage. I look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Terry Kuehnemann Says:

    Pat, We’re thinking of going to the 31st Annual Motorcycle Rally at Baxter Cycle, in Marne, Iowa August 18th & 19th (probably only one night). They’re located between Omaha and Des Moines off I80. There’s also a great motorcycle museum in Anamosa, IA between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque. The National Motorcycle Museum has 320 Motorcycles spanning over 100 years of history. They have a web site. Will you be coming through Iowa this year?

    • Hey Terry,
      I do plan on looping around and ending up at Sturgis. I was thinking of going north from there, but I will certainly rethink the route and see if I can squeeze this in. I’ll let you know. Thanks, Pat.

  7. P.R., This is Terry from Deals Gap. I live just south of Dubuque, IA on the Mississippi. If you come through on your way back you have a place to stay.

    • Hey Terry,
      I was pulled over in Iowa for absolutely nothing last year! I rode right past Dubuque. Was looking for “Field of Dreams”. I also wanted to try “Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken” in Clinton, but that place was already shut down. Wish I had known you were so close. If I am back that way, I will definitely let you know. Thanks for the offer!

  8. I just found your blog from a link you posted on Triumph Rat. You’ve had some amazing trips and have taken some pretty cool pictures to remember them.

    I’m thinking of getting a Bonneville and I just want to know how many miles you have on it now and what major repairs you’ve done to it. Any oil leaks?


    • Hey SlowRain,
      I am 40something miles from turning 40,000 miles. Just recently I had to have some gaskets replaced on the Bonneville. I wrote about if you go back a few posts. So, there was some leaking then. She is tight as a drum now and running like a dream again. I have taken her in for basic maintenance each year after about 12,000 miles. Other than the recent leak, I have had no problems just numerous tires. Need a new front tire now before inspection. I highly recommend the Bonneville.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed the pics and stories on your site. I’m riding a 2010 Scrambler and loving it, and like others, realizing it’s time to deck this thing out go tour. I’m curious about gear as well. 1. What kind of helmet you riding? I ride full face in traffic, but for those long stretches, an open face sure looks inviting. 2. No fairing/windscreen? I find the wind in my chest at 70 is wearing me out even for short 1 hour rides. You have a small windscreen on your bike. Does it do the job? Or have you considered and thought you need something larger?

    Thanks in advance. Awesome story.

    • Thanks Johnny,
      I bring my full face Arai Quantum 2 for severe weather. Those rain drops feel like rocks at 70. This last tour I never put the Arai on. It was just extra luggage. I don’t remember what brand my half helmet is. It was cheap. It has no markings except for a DOT sticker. I think it is an “Outlaw” helmet from leatherup.com. And once I am out west I sometimes lose the helmet altogether. Not recommended, just a personal preference. (Famous last words). No fairing. No windscreen. What I have is a fly screen. I can lay on my tankbag and get some relief when I really twist the throttle. But for upright riding it does very little. It did prevent a bird from getting embedded in my odometer once. I like the wind in my face, it’s those damn crosswinds in Wyoming that mess me up. No screen can help with that.

      • No that’s not the helmet. Mine has air vents.

      • Maybe an HJC? They seem to have the same curved visor. But I don’t see any models with venting. I’ll keep looking.

        So I just finished the 2008 and 2009 blogs. It has inspired me and made me realize I really gotta get out and ride more. I’m really finding your anti-Oregon posts the best. I live in Portland, and some of your comments I get completely, and others I guess I’ve just been in and amongst it for too long to notice. If you ever do give Portland a crack, know you have a free place to stay. My wife is practically a chef, there’s lots of free internet, and the kids sleep well past 8am. And maybe I can introduce you some of the nicer folks away from the highways and coastal towns. They can be pretty sketch for sure.

        • Hey thanks a lot! There is more of Oregon I would like to explore. In 2010 I had a great time in Oregon, not too far from Portland. I was camping below Mt. Hood. I also wonder if I would have felt differently about Oregon in 2008 had I not been beaten up by severe weather in Washington.

  10. Great blog – I’m wondering how tall you are? I’m 6’2″ and am seriously considering a Bonneville. One of my concerns is that it might feel cramped over long distances? If you have any insight, I’d love to hear it.

  11. Great blog, love your photos! New Mexico section was outstanding. I have an 07 T100 that I love. Any major issues that you have had with your bikes on the long trips?

    • I had a little trouble with my starter last year. And tonight my foot peg snapped off. I went to Home Depot and rigged a new one, but that’s a story for the next post. Shhhh!

  12. Some time ago, while on the AMA site, I saw a picture of a really cool guy on a Bonneville in the desert. I thought, yes this proves one can travel long distances on a classic bike. I finally got a 09 Bonneville SE. Recently I found your blog, began to look through the photos and thought, that’s that cool guy!

    I’m in upstate NY. Let me know if you ever want to ride the Mohawk Valley.

    • Yo Grit!
      Yeah, I guess that was me. Thanks! It was a photo in Monument Valley, Utah. I’ll be taking my 09 Bonnie for her third cross country trip real soon!
      I’m taking a southern route west. Don’t know when I’ll be in Mowhawk Valley. I will let you know! Enjoy the bike!

  13. Gday Bonnie lover, thanks for the great site.Please have a look at my site maybe we can swap links.

    all the best – Gaston

  14. Scott Hartgraves Says:

    Hi, This coming summer a friend and I are riding are motorcycles from Texas to Alaska. I have been looking at the triumph bonneville t100, and the Triumph Bonneville se… Quick question along your journeys did you ever have any issues with the tubed tires on the spoked rims? I like how the cast rims provide a quicker fix if that should happen. But I like the look of the spoked rims so much more. Might be a silly question but I would love to know your input on the subject. Also mad props on this site I swear I have read it about 3 times now… Very helpful and Very Awesome!

    • Hey Scott, Between my old 07 Bonnie and the 09 T100 I have never had a flat. Between the two bikes I rode over 45,000 miles over many different terrains. I check the pressure every once in a while and replace the tires when the tread goes. The Metzler Lazertecs are a good tire. I am riding a Dunlop on the back right now. They didn’t have Metzlers in Lolo, MT. The Dunlop is holding up for now. There is a good article this month on the Motorcycle Classics site. If you have a center stand it’s a nice tutorial for changing a tube tire on the go.

  15. Sam Domingue Says:

    We are back in Louisiana after our trip to Ouachita State Park. I saw your link and appreciate the comments about me and my family! We hope you have a safe trip and I will be looking at your blog to keep up with how things are going. If you ever decide to make a trip through South Louisiana send me an email and I can show you some beautiful sights throughout our wetlands and scenic biways. And of course you are welcome for the pancakes and bacon but our Gumbo and Seafood are much better! Take care….


    • Sam,
      How did this post get past me? I was in Southern Louisiana this summer. I woulda shoulda coulda gotten in touch. Man I missed out this time. Next time for sure.

  16. Hi, there!
    I came across your mybonnie blog somehow – don’t quite remember my path to get there. I was going from one link to the next and voila. I don’t even remember what my initial search was. It may have been a search for images of colorful ocean sunsets in google. Anyhow, that’s not what’s important. I feel compelled to comment on your blog. It is amazing and interesting. Your adventurous and creative personality shines through in your writing and in your picture taking. You have an eye for photography too. I absolutely love the pictures of the big, old trees in the south. Such character. You seem to capture the real beauty of the world around you in your photos. Anyhow, thanks for taking me on this adventure this morning. I hope that you continue to find and capture the joy in life. You are really cool! All the best to you, Colleen

  17. Brian Sherman Says:

    Great site man, I found this one day and read the entire thing. It was almost like being there. You did a great job putting this together. I got my license and a 2007 Bonnie in July this year and have had permanent grin on my face since. I live overseas most of the time but have a home in Delaware. Your trip is inspiring and this summer I plan to do some short trips (2-3 day runs) with some camping, etc. I want to hit Skyline Drive in Virginia first. I really liked the gear and bags you had on your bike, can you give me a link to where you picked these up? Hows the bike running after 10,000+miles??

  18. thoroughly enjoyable blog. i’m going to try an abbreviated version of your trip (IL to Yellowstone) on my 07 bonneville once winter subsides. i gathered a lot of great info from this, so thank you. would love to know if you have a gear list, i’m most interested in your rear bag setup, your camera, and sleeping bag and tent. take care man.

  19. Amazing journey and AMAZING photos. I’m curious to know what photographic essentials you would recommend. I can’t imagine you carried a lot of equipment. What lens did you find worked best?? Did you use a tripod? I just got my motorcycle license a few days ago and you’ve inspired me to take along my camera on my first journey. Thanks for sharing.

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