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The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride 2019

Posted in Uncategorized on October 3, 2019 by Pat Regan

Last weekend was a blast attending the Easy Rider Live event and the Indian Larry Block Party. This weekend was Jillian’s birthday weekend and was packed with more fun as well. I will start with Sunday’s event since it’s most directly related to riding.

Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride NYC

This year I decided to partake in the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.

“The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride” is a global motorcycle fund-raising event, raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health programs on behalf of Charity Partner, the Movember Foundation.

Folks who participate get dressed up, ride a classic-style bike and fundraise for the cause.

Friends, family, colleagues and even a guy I met on a cross country road trip chipped in to help. Thanks again to all of you who lent a hand with your donations. I appreciate you!

After a fun but exhausting Friday and Saturday, (which I’ll get to later), it was time to dress up for the ride. I sported a white shirt and tie with a black sweater-vest and a subtly plaid green Burberry jacket.

I signed up with Team Triumph Brooklyn for the ride. My bike is being served there as I write this.

The photos above and below are the Triumph shop in Brooklyn where they opened up early for coffee and donuts before meeting up with the 600 or so riders in Manhattan.

The Ride

The meeting place to begin the Gentlemen’s Ride this year was Peck Slip Plaza.

A long row of NYPD bikes lined the street awaiting their role as escorts for the ride.

Peck Slip Plaza is an open area just north of the old South Street Seaport and south of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Folks got suited up in all kinds of dapper designs and prepared for the ride.

Jillian joined me down at the plaza in a Burberry dress of her own. And my Bonnie sported a mustache on the headlight.

These officers were admiring this old Harley with a sidecar…

…so much so that they hopped in for a photo op.

Dad proudly displays the badges from many sidecar clubs as he and his boy await the start of the ride.

There were all kinds of bikes, but predominately Triumphs.

A Royal Enfield and a Vulcan.

This vintage Honda was in mint condition.

This guy goes by the name The Suited Racer. Jillian obliged with her own mask for this shot.

A Distinguished Triumph Thruxton with a wicked wheel shadow.

Cute pup on a Vespa.

This is Marcos from the Ducati shop in Manhattan. Ducati NY has put together this copper beauty that Marcos would be riding at the day’s event.

Members of the UPJET crew were in attendance. I didn’t know about these guys but Jillian did. They represent NYC mopeds and other dumb bikes. (Their words).

And away we go!

Jillian was on photo duty. So these shots on the road are all hers. We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn then headed to Queens.

We stayed predominantly on the major artery highways as we rode about town while police held back traffic.

From Queens, we crossed the 59th Street Bridge and back into Manhattan.

It was great having police escorts because we didn’t have to stop for any red lights. Sometimes as we rode through the city streets I’d glance up, see the red color and have a strange feeling of caution. Like, Oh shit! Did I ‘F’ up? Did I run the light? Then I’d remember that it’s cool! And it is! It’s sooo cool!

They closed off the FDR Drive all the way uptown.

We’ve been seeing this bike about town recently. It’s got a Japanese Zero sort of vibe.

This guy below had that nice Gulf Racing Team color scheme going on his tank and helmet.

Rocking the hot red leather pants on a Triumph Speed Triple. Yowza!

A gentleman on a vintage BMW.

It was fun whipping around along the West Side Highway!

Tweed panniers? OK!

Check out the whiskers on the passenger in the Ural sidecar.

We cut into the city and stopped on 59th Street near the Plaza Hotel.

Then we headed back to our original starting point at Peck Slip Plaza.

This guy was shooting film with an old box camera. We also met a guy with a 1954 Nikon taking photos.

This BSA Gold Star was purchased by Triumph Brooklyn.

The guy in the red vest is the owner of that Japanese style bike we keep seeing. It was at Larry’s Block Party last week too.

It was a great day. I didn’t know what to expect. If you know me, you know I like the solitude of the road. I’m a Solo Lobo. But I got to tell you, this was a lot of fun!

Thanks again to everyone who helped out.

So that was Sunday! I mentioned at the beginning of the post that it was Jillian’s Birthday weekend. And because Rock n Roll is part of the ride I must include more of the weekend’s events here. Happy Birthday Jillian! Let’s back it up to Friday.

We bopped over for a nice dinner at NOBU on 57th Street.

It was delicious!

After dinner, we strolled down the street for a return to Radio City Music Hall. This time we were going to see Massive Attack!

Horace Andy was there with his high pitched haunting voice to compliment the band.

A little goofing off downstairs at Radio City.

The next day…more celebration and fun!

This time we were headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see Steve Miller and Jimmie Vaughan!

The MET has been having a really cool exhibition called Play it Loud. The show consists of amazing musical instruments representing the history of rock n roll. This Steve Miller show was a celebration to close the exhibit.

I just happened to get tickets at the right time. It was fantastic! Jimmie Vaughan and his band came out first and rocked some Texas blues.

The venue was a small auditorium in the museum adjacent to the Ancient Egypt section. I had been there for art teacher meetings in the past. But tonight it would grace the presence of Rock legends.

I have been a huge Steve Miller fan since I was a kid. I’d stack his albums on the old phonograph and let ’em drop. Then turn ’em over and do it again. Remember those phonographs that you could stack a bunch of albums on?

On this night Steve Miller would open with Living in the USA, followed by Space Cowboy then Abracadabra and The Lovin’ Cup.

Jimmie Vaughan returned and jammed with Steve Miller on a few classic blues tunes by T-Bone Walker, Freddy King and Otis Rush. They played, All Your Lovin’, I Wanna Be Loved, and Let Your Hair Down.

Jimmie left the stage and then Steve Miller continued with Dance Dance Dance. Then he told a wonderful story about the electric sitar that is displayed in a glass case at the Play It Loud exhibition. But this time it was draped around his neck. He told us how he was walking around NYC back in the day and he stopped by Manny’s Music on 48th Street. He said he really wanted a Gibson Les Paul whose namesake happened to be his Godfather. But he could not afford a Les Paul and his godfather never gave him one. So he turned to Manny’s Bargain Barrel, which was literally a barrel full of guitars just strewn about in there. Take your pick for $150. He picked up this strange looking instrument and bought it. This is the instrument that makes those amazing sounds on Wild Mountain Honey. I always thought these were some type of synthesizer sounds. But no. After this engaging story, he played it live. It was those same amazing sounds! Beautiful!

Below is a Hi-Res photo I took of Steve’s Coral Electric Sitar from the Play It Loud exhibition. You can click it to see the details. It’s really cool.

Here is Steve Miller playing the same sitar in 1976 at the Capitol Theater.

After the sitar, Space Intro led to Fly Like an Eagle.

He told another story and had a giggle over this blue guitar covered with crystals.

He continued the show playing, Rock’n Me, Take the Money and Run, The Joker, and a spirited Jet Airliner to close.

We saw that there was tape over the first song on the playlist. We later found out that Swingtown was scratched.

We said hey to David Fricke, Senior Editor for Rolling Stone Magazine on our way out of the auditorium.

Then we headed back outside to see how they had renovated the front of the museum.

It looks great at night. The new fountains dance around like the Bellagio fountains in Vegas.

The next morning I had to get up early for the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride, bringing us full circle.

I was going to end the post here, but I can’t hype up the Play it Loud exhibition without sharing it.

We returned to the Museum to catch the last day of the exhibition. I had seen it earlier in the summer, but Jillian hadn’t. And after hearing Steve Miller talk about it Saturday night I was happy to revisit it.


What you see above is Steve Miller’s electric sitar that he played in the show. And to the right of it is Ravi Shankar’s sitar. This show is filled with iconic instruments from Rock’s history. Below are more of Steve Miller’s guitars.

1961 Gibson, Les Paul TV special. Painted by surfboard artist Bob Cantrell.

Steve Miller talked about visiting the exhibition during the show we saw. He said he had many peeks of the show in the evenings when he could bring friends. The best part about each visit was the stories people tell. The rich history of the instruments really touches a soft spot that incites memories in everyone.

The Joker, 1996 by Triggs Guitars.

Below is Eric Clapton’s 1956-57 Fender Stratocaster, “Blackie”. It was actually built from three different Stratocasters.

Eddie Van Halen’s “Frankenstein”. He built it and decorated it himself with Fender-style body and neck and Gibson electronics.

Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 Gibson, Flying V.

Keith Moon’s 1966-67 Pictures of Lily drum kit. The snare drums feature nude photos of Lily Langtry, the subject of the song, Pictures of Lily. They also display the words, “Keith Moon Patent British Exploding Drummer”.

Keith Emerson’s Moog Synthesizer atop his 1968 Hammond Organ.

Paul McCartney’s 1962 Höfner 500/1 “violin” electric bass.

Rick Nielsen’s 5 neck Hamer guitar.

Ron Wood’s 1978 Tony Zemaitis guitar.

Jeff Beck’s 1965-66 modified Fender Esquire.

Bo Diddley’s 1960 Gretch, The “Twang Machine”.

Pete Townshend’s 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe.

Jack White’s 1964 Valco Airline.

Jerry Garcia’s “Wolf”. Commissioned from Doug Irwin in 1973.

Jerry Garcia’s “Tiger” Doug Irwin, 1979.

Joe Strummer’s 1966 Fender Telecaster.

Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 Olympic White Fender Stratocaster. This is the guitar that Jimi used to wake the crowd up at Woodstock when he played the Star-Spangled Banner.

Pete Townshend’s Gibson SG Special that he smashed for a Rolling Stone photoshoot.

It is encased in lucite and displayed at Rolling Stone Magazine’s headquarters.

There were many more iconic instruments in the collection. Real jaw-dropping stuff.

Before leaving the museum, we stopped by to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s St.Jerome. St.Jerome is an unfinished Leonardo Da Vinci painting on loan from the Vatican Museum to memorialize his death 500 years ago this past May.

We left the museum, but we weren’t done. We walked through the park to see an art opening.

What you are seeing below is not shellfish.

Ce ne sont pas des crustacés

It’s soft shellfish. Very soft. This is the art of Lucy Sparrow.

Heeeeeere’s Lucy! As the Play It Loud show had its closing, Lucy Sparrow’s Gourmet Deli had its public opening today.

There are 30,000 items at the deli all made of felt. It’s a surreal scene!

There are various sections at the deli. Meats, Fish, Shellfish, Cheese, Bakery, Fruits, Vegetables, Macaroons, and canned goods.

They even have Sushi.

There are all of the sections one would expect to see in a fancy deli. And each section is filled with little works of felt art. Each one signed. All 30,000 of ’em.

Lucy Sparrow’s Delicatessen on 6th is located on Sixth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets, and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., through October 20th.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Steered a little off-topic, but what the heck!


Indian Larry Block Party 2019

Posted in Uncategorized on September 30, 2019 by Pat Regan

Wow! So much going on recently! Let’s back it up a bit. Last weekend was the 16th Annual Indian Larry Block Party in Brooklyn.

Bikes lined the street again for a fun-filled day!

A fire broke out to the south but it was quickly extinguished.

This vintage Bonnie took a front row spot on the corner.

Behind Indian Larry’s they were having a barbeque with food, a bar, and a DJ. Off to the side was this nice little nook that had a table and chairs in a garden with beehives. It was a nice respite from the craziness.

A la Big Daddy Roth!

Love a Knucklehead!

Some gorgeous vintage vehicles are always in attendance as well. Like this early 60’s Corvette.

Some Captain America action below. The Easy Rider Live show the night before was amazing!

Some of my favorite people were there. Here is Darren McKeag working on a helmet. He has a masterful brushstroke. I really dig his work. I own a few pieces of his, including a beautiful helmet I got at Indian Larry’s a few years ago. On this day I bought that “Ghost Riders” print you see in the photo below.

This is my helmet.

Darren and his wife Missy were about to celebrate their anniversary a couple days later. I saw them at Sturgis a few years back just before they got hitched. Congratulations Darren and Missy!

Here is Makoto Endo. He paints motorcycles using chopsticks as his brush.

He is at many motorcycle events. Here he is painting one of Indian Larry’s bikes.

And here is the lovely Gloria Struck. Gloria has been riding for over 75 years. She is in the AMA Hall of Fame and still riding! She is holding her biography. She signed on for me last year.

Inside Larry’s shop, folks were getting tattoos.

This flaming pick up was here again. I believe it was parked in the same spot last year.

The skyline of Manhattan makes a fine backdrop for the days’ activities.

This old Corvair was very customized. Looks like it could really tear things up.

Here is Jillian with a NY salute!


This dude was having a blast! He was surrounded by cops and did not give a shit!

He ripped it up, flew down the road and came back for more.

On the next block, a few other dudes started burning up rubber.

You can see chunks of hot rubber flying through the air!

And I could feel it as those rear tires spit their molten residue on my flesh. Gotta sacrifice for the good shots!

After a walkabout this Corvair had replaced the Corvette.

We had a great meal at a French Restaurant and hopped back on the ferry.

A great day at Larry’s.




Easy Rider Live

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I had some good motorcycle related fun this weekend! Friday night Jillian got tickets to see Easy Rider Live at Radio City Music Hall. This event was something Peter Fonda had been working on and hoped to have attended. In fact, his last Instagram post was promoting this special evening celebrating the 50th anniversary of the movie’s release.

As the film was played, the original soundtrack was performed live by some of the original artists. It was a great event. Not only that but when we went up to the mezzanine to be seated, we were handed tickets for orchestra seats. We got bumped up! Right On!

To the left and right of the stage in the photo below, they displayed Peter Fonda’s last post. @fondstagram

John Kay of Steppenwolf came out and opened the credits with Born To Be Wild followed by The Pusher. As the songs ran long the film would be paused and darkened so the band could continue rocking out. It was like seeing the film in chapters with live music. And what a treat to see John Kay.

Below is a film clip to give you a little taste of what it was like.

There were three horns blasting out When The Saints Go Marching In as you may have seen in the video above. Nicole Atkins sang The Band’s The Weight. Guitarist Tash Neal and a seasoned band backed everyone up and did a ripping version of Jimi Hendrix’s If 6 was 9. Roger McGuinn of the Byrds closed out the movie’s last two songs, It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) and Ballad of Easy Rider. Then after the heavy ending, John Kay came out again saying he wanted the show to end on a more upbeat note, so he sang Magic Carpet Ride. 

The show really flowed nicely. Great performances. Well put together. A real treat! Thanks Jillian!

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

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Howdy Folks! Help if you can!

On Sunday the 29th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

Thank you.


Peter Fonda

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The man responsible for many a person to hop on a bike and go has passed. Take it easy rider.

Just recently a friend told me he met a large group of riders from Japan at Sturgis last week whose journey had been inspired by the movie Easy Rider. Sturgis was one of many stops on their adventure.

The man is gone but the legend continues.

Peter Fonda 1940-2019


Car Show * Automat * Hicksville, NY.

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I had every intention of going to a pow wow in New Jersey on Saturday. Then, on Friday night I heard about a car show. I love a car show! I love a pow wow too, but the car show started early and ended early. The pow wow went well into the evening. Could I do both? Ha! Best laid plans of mice and men. Meaning, I did not get to Jersey. But I saw a great car show! I’ll tell you more about the pow wow at the end of the post.

Anyway, I got up early and was out the door before 11. Early for me. I hopped on the bike and headed East. East seems funny being that I can see the ocean from Brooklyn. But then there’s Long Island. And Long Island is huge. It jets off far to the Northeast from the city. It’s bigger than our country’s smallest state! I was headed to Hicksville, NY. A shop that specializes in auto interiors was having an auto show. Welcome to Automat.

There were plenty of cars. From the rustiest…

…to the shiniest!

Beautiful cars of yesteryear surrounded the grounds of Automat.

A true pleasure for me at this event was meeting Chuck Zito.

It was actually through Chuck’s Instagram that I found out about the car show. He was bringing his ’68 Charger.

This car is primo! And powerful!

His 1968 Charger sports a Super Bird style fin in the rear and a 528 engine up front.

If you check out his Instagram, he has a video of himself driving home and talking about this beauty. I believe he says it cranks over 800 Horsepower!

Underneath pays tribute to his days with his motorcycle club.

The Batmobile was in attendance.

This is one of those aquatic vehicles.

The dude behind this Reliant owns the purple monster below.

It was LOUD!

I was taking a photo of this Packard from the other side. The owner told me to stop. He said it looked much better from the left side. Indeed.

How cool is that bumper?

They invited people to have a look inside the shop. It was cool to see folks at work.

The interior of this Jaguar was stripped empty.

Here they are working on a trike with a VW rear.

A 572 under the hood. Monsterous!

There’s something about a Buick Riviera.


Dig a ’58.

By the time I was ready to leave, I recognized I wasn’t going to make it to the pow wow. I was hungry too. I was told there was a good place to get tacos in Far Rockaway. So I took a slight detour on the way home.

I decided to try these tacos at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club for myself. Yup! They were good taco’s. Greasy good! The place was crowded and took a while, but everyone was friendly and all was chilly willy. Good vibe. I was told it gets a lot more crowded later when the surfers return.

So hey! I missed the pow wow today. But, if you ever get a chance, check out one of the following events. My friend Cliff (who I met in Montana on one of my adventures), organizes these amazing events. There are more coming up.

Welling Court Mural Project 2019

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The Welling Court area in Astoria Queens is a disappearing treasure. Another urban art mecca is not fading away for lack of great enthusiastic artists, but like 5 Points, fresh forbidden walls of new developments are replacing the walls which were once welcome canvases for some of NYC’s greatest artists of the streets. The Welling Court Mural Project is an annual event where Carpe Diem is the spirit as the neighborhood is transformed by the new ideas and applied skills of accomplished aerosol artists.

This peeling mess below was how SPONE’s wall looked on Thursday.

By Saturday it was blasting with color as can be seen behind this plugged in gamer.

DAZE and CRASH seem to be absent again today.

Queen Andrea was a no show as well. I believe she recently completed the Bowery Wall on Houston Street this month.

CEY goes way back. Today he is working on his piece just to the left of Queen Andrea’s spot.

CEY in action.

Joe Iurato usually works in black and white with minimal color as he did in this last collaboration with Rubin415.

This year blues and reds pop around his mural with an homage to Keith Haring.

This event brings together icons from the roots of graffiti and hip hop as Kool Kyle interviews one of the subways former vandals.

There were quite a few old subway bombers from the 70’s here today. Below Snake rips a tag in someone’s book.

Not sure if this is promoting Bushwick Collective or mocking it.

I’m not really fond of felines, but I do like City Kitty.

Marc Maniac at work on Thursday.

He is collaborating with Chris Soria and Ian Cinco.

The piece was coming together by Saturday.

Ian Cinco threads through Soria’s geometric maze.

And look at that…this little angel below was the model for that angel above. I believe it’s Marc’s kid.

My Bonnie sits on the corner of Welling Court as the world around transforms.

CERNESTO below seems to paints organically. I feel the painting just grows to his liking. I’m not sure about his methods, but I like his style.

You can see beyond the hydrant things have changed dramatically.

To the left of the hydrant NYSEE has transformed his wall as well. On Thursday it was all about Gratitude.

By Saturday afternoon a Mickey Mouse KAWS-like figure developed. I actually heard a rumor saying that KAWS was doing a piece for this years project.

I think I know who started the rumor.


This devilish Yankee figure from last year was also making a transformation.

You can still see the fiery orange hair and the eyes on the left hand of this Aztec deity taking over this wall.

And later.


The left side of this corner is reserved for RWK (Robots Will Kill crew). No one has shown up yet to do a 2019 mural. The painting you see now is by VENG from 2018. The year before it was CHRIS RWK.

TOO FLY was laying down her outlines and beginning some spray on Thursday. And SINNED to the left had made his mark.

By Saturday her traditional blues and purples were layering over Thursday’s sketch.

SINNED continued his piece on Saturday.

This wall is around a narrow corner from the CRASH, DAZE and CEY wall. The Welling Court area has a couple tight triangular blocks so the corner here is acute like the bow of a ship.

FUMERO had a minimalist piece this year. I am wondering if there is more to come.

Trump on Thursday.

Adopt a pet on Saturday.

Adam Dare and some butterfly eyes remained as they were.

This is Thursday.

On Saturday, the wall to the right was covered over as seen below.

This piece around the corner has been shown respect for a couple years now. Been there since 2017.

You can see an artist on his ladder down the block.

That guy on the ladder is covering up this De Niro from last year…

…with this James Cagney today.

KIDLEW was wrapping up his piece early when I passed by on Thursday.

Here it is Saturday with the garage door closed.

A reflective gate across the street.

On Thursday this artist was hand painting Whoopi Goldberg on a small wall down the street from KIDLEW.

Below is the completed wall today. If you look closely you can see a guy sizing up a ladder in the background above Whoopi’s head. Turns out he sized it up a little too far from the wall. A few moments later, SLAM! He and the ladder were laying flat on the ground. He had a quick lesson in physics, friction, and gravity.

This You Know Me turned out to be prophetic. As I was checking out the #You Know Me wall, my friend Roxy surprised me from behind. She and her family were headed to a carnival in Astoria Park.

I spoke to Sara Erenthal for a minute. I like her work. I see it all over the city.

It looks like she is painting the eye. Actually she is painting over the eye. She was not happy with her circle and one of the lashes.

As I was leaving the neighborhood I noticed Sara Erenthal had left her mark on a mattress someone was throwing out.

I went north a bit to check out the carnival Roxy told me about.

Some nice homes in Northern Astoria.

The Robert Francis Kennedy Bridge.

The carnival was packed and definitely for the kids, so I briefly walked through and back out.