It all began…

…with Fisher Price.

Below was my favorite bathtub toy. There would be no water in the tub. I’d whip that thing around the curves of the dry tub and those fat tires would hug the walls like those fellas riding the Wall of Death.

I’ve been busy.


Back then I rode around on this rockin’ purple 3 wheeler with a lightning bolt on the fender. It had big red blocks attached so I could reach the pedals.


I moved to NYC, got a little bigger, and upgraded to this two-wheeler.


The Murray Chopper. WOW! That brings back memories. Most of the photos on this blog are my own, but I nabbed this chopper from the internet. I used to tear it up in the yard behind our buildings with that chopper bike. It was just dirt, rocks, and broken glass. My friends and I would rip off plywood from abandoned buildings and build ramps. We had a wicked obstacle course for a while.


In 2008 I was talking to an older dude. With a sparkle in his eye, he told me that when he was younger he bought a motorcycle, hopped on it and rode all the way to California. Said it was the best thing he ever did. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I needed that. 

I signed up for classes with the Motorcycle Saftey Foundation. I took their course in early Spring of 2008. I got my license in April. And as soon as school finished for me, I hopped on my brand new 07 Bonneville and headed West! And I document every bit of my journey from the day I got my license.

The 2007 Triumph Bonneville

This will be my first bike!
It should look just like this when I pick it up.


I went to the showroom yesterday. This is my baby! They are going to fix her up to my specifications and a week from Saturday we will be one.


I had a great day. I woke up and stared at the Doppler. It was supposed to rain today, but I could see those Eastern winds a blowin’. Sure enough. The clouds moved out to sea and I had all day to ride. I wrote uptown, stopped at a friends art gallery, then shot downtown to the dealership. They put the knee pads on the tank today. Nice. Classic. Then I spent the rest of the day riding the streets of NYC! Now I own this baby!


8 Responses to “It all began…”

  1. Brian Sherman Says:

    Any official cross country plans in the works???????

  2. Thanks…I’ve got my eye on a 2012 so hopefully this spring. If you ever cut across the midwest give a yell. I have a good friend that owns a bike shop (Cycle House Performance) here in St. Louis if needed and there is always a cold beer around somewhere.

    • Sounds good! I need a photo of my bike at the arch! Have you seen the Steve McQueen model? I sat on it at the bike show. Pretty cool, but nowhere to put my gear for the long ride. I will hook your buddy up with a link. Damn! I have never seen such a selection of goggles! Nice!

  3. I really enjoy following your adventures. It appears you have never owned a bike other than the T100…so it may be mute to ask how it has performed over the longhaul.

    I am trying to dump my Harley and I would really like to get a Bonnie not only for commuting but weeklong road trips. Anyway, stay safe and keep the up the good work.

    • Hey Doug,
      It’s been 2 bikes actually, but yes both Bonnevilles. If you are implying my opinion is biased you would be absolutely correct. I love ’em, but can’t compare them to other bikes. I am about to turn 40,000 miles on my ’09 Bonnie and she is still running like a champ! By brother rides the Triumph Sprint. It is a good touring bike. It’s basically a speed triple with fairing. I prefer the upright seating position of the Bonnie.

  4. Fantastic trip.
    Great story and excellent photos- Super.
    Any chance of a follow-up with reviews of the gear used?
    The brands and models of parts fitted to the bike and your camp gear?
    I am planning a similar long-distance tour on a Bonnie and you are proof it can be done….please let us (or me!) know what worked well and what you would choose instead next time.

    Thank you,

    • Hey Steven,
      I am sorry I haven’t responded to this post. Thanks!
      Did you make that trip you were planning for?
      I have a gear page. If you are curious about something specific, let me know. There are no special parts fitted to the bike except for a fly screen. Everything is stock.

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