Pat Regan Photos

Here is a link to my photos.

The Selvedge Yard

I think The Selvedge Yard is one of the coolest sites out there. It posts so many awesome things that appeal to me with some of the greatest photos from days gone by to present. If you like vintage, check out The Selvedge Yard.

Vacant New Jersey

A very well written account of explorations in the Tri-State area. As much as I love riding, I am becoming more entranced with exploring forgotten places. Justin at Vacant New Jersey is masterful at the art of exploration and the poetic.

Custom Motorcycle Art

Have a look at Gaston Vanzet’s site. He paints awesome vintage bikes!

Sunday Morning Rides

This site has suggested routes for rides around the world. The maps are great with some links along the roads. But the link below is a valuable source for Triumph riders. It is a map that pinpoints all the Triumph dealers in the US.

Where the Hell is Murph?

Next is Where the Hell is Murph? Murph fell on hard times and decided to hit the road. A dream many have, but few have what it takes to make it happen. Murph’s story suddenly stopped in 2014. Not sure what became of him, but he was living a good life.

The Vintagent

If you like vintage bikes, this site is a dream come true. There are some beauties on this site. Enjoy!

Blood Falcons

Here’s an interesting blog with a Triumph bias.

Corpses From Hell

A nice collection of vintage bike photos and vids.


Great motorcycle nostalgia.

Draggin’ Jeans

Kevlar clothing.  This site specializes in protective Kevlar gear.

I have a pair of jeans lined in Kevlar. Shift Torque Jeans. I’ve traveled thousands of miles in them. Fortunately the road hasn’t tested them. At least not on me. Here is a great review from someone who did test them in a 40mph drop.



Motorcycle Links



Triumph Supplies

Triumph Link

This site’s in Italian, but damn!


Road Trip Links

Harley Road Planner

Just started reading this. Thanks Gia.
Below is Ted Simon’s site

Camping Gear


Motorcycle Accessories



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  1. Thanks for a great site Pat, i am pleased to be on board.

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